Sunday, September 21, 2008


I decided that even though I have a ton of posts that I need to write that are weighing on me, and I don't have time for all of them, I'd give you an update (with photos) on the lightbulb issue.

It turns out that I forgot my camera cable at school. (I had thought that perhaps I'd have time to do a post or two there. HA!)

Well, here's a summary sans photos:

1. I decided to break down and replace the bulb. Taking longer than 10 minutes to come on is just completely unacceptable. I already have trouble getting up the motivation to cook properly, or wash my dishes, without the added procrastination incentive of a non-working light.

2. (Imagine a photo here.) The top of the plastic lightbulb base is a nice golden toast colour. (A little on the light side for my toast preferences, but probably a little on the dark side for my former roommate from Texas.) It used to be white.

3. (There was a photo for this part too.) On the lightbulb itself, and on the *inside* of the packaging (but nowhere on the *outside* of the packaging (that I can find), it says the following: "Not for use in luminaires/fixtures ... in totally enclosed recessed fixtures." Do you think they're missing an "or" there? The fixture I'm using is one of those old styles that has a frosted glass ball enclosing it, but it is not recessed at all. Do you think that is the problem? Or is it the electricity, or a lemon bulb? At any rate, if it takes less than a year for this one to burn out, I'm going back to regular incandescent bulbs. :P

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