Monday, September 15, 2008

Found on Flickr

Sugar Cookie Ornaments

I *love* these! Hmmm... I wonder how they're made... (I don't think I saw an etsy page in her profile... must look again...)


jarS said...

Hi! I got your message on Flickr...yes I do have an Etsy shop
...But I haven't posted any new stuff yet. I'm still taking more pics. Plus "day job" is getting on my way! hehe! Perhaps by the end of September I'll post new stuff. I'll let you know! :)

Thanks and God Bless!
--- Jara

noricum said...

Those day jobs sure cut into the fun crafting time, don't they? :P Thanks for the link!

jarS said...

Hi again!

I just posted some new stuff on my Etsy ( check them out if you have time!

thanks and have a good day!

Jara :)

noricum said...

Thanks for letting me know!