Monday, September 22, 2008

Sock Yarns

Sock Yarns

As part of the airing of the stash, I'm sorting things so that they're more organized. I thought I'd put my sock yarn in it's own (admittedly smaller than the other) bins. It doesn't fit. And that's not counting the three pairs worth I have at school, the socks in progress, or any of the scraps. Or the four pairs worth I just ordered from The Sweet Sheep. (I stupidly read that she stocked more LoveSticks, and then I also noticed that she had some lovely sKNITches Syncopation. Whoops.)

Can someone please remind me of this the next time my mouse is hovering over the "check out now" button...? (But they are all pretty and lovely...)


Doodle said...

So if you happened to have grabbed a larger bin for the sock yarns you would feel no guilt at all! I recently sorted my sock yarns by type - single merino plies (Plucker Knitter - shouldn't be sold as sock yarn AT ALL! and are going to be scarves), self-striping, "man" colours, etc. just to make smaller, less guilty, collections. I think no apologies are needed, though. As-yet-unrealized socks are totally practical and should barely count as stash!
But I just bought more sock yarn today from Mona under the guise of making baby hats from it (held double). Her store is really much too close to my office.

Deneen said...

I am no better with any yarn, sock, wool, etc.....can't help ya there Andrea, you are on your own (LOL)

Anonymous said...

Sock yarn gets used up quickly when you're riding the bus a lot, anyway. And you are riding the bus lots now. So no worries, right?


noricum said...

Yep. ;) Although I *do* try (somewhat) to keep it within reason. ;)