Sunday, June 15, 2008


I had a blast knitting with my peeps, but, subsequently, didn't get nearly enough done this weekend. (And, instead of doing it now or going to bed, what am I doing? Okay... this is my last post before bed.)

Due to threat of rain, we parked ourselves in the Pit at the U of M... instead of pitting our wills against nature in the park. However, I got to help a student relax before her exam, and we sent away a new knitter with her very first swatch, a pair of needles, and a ball of yarn!
Brand New Knitter (and Swatchy)
I taught her the knitted cast on, knitting, and a cast off... and told her how to contact me for more. ;) She was definitely a fast learner.

Some quick photos of everyone:
I say... it was rather fun freaking out the muggles. ;)

Oooo... and I won the grand prize in the door prize draw! I won a *gorgeous* Fiber Trends kit. (I apparently haven't taken a photo yet, and I'm not going to now... I need to go to bed.) It's for the Maid Marian Vest, which I just finished making (yeah, no photos blogged yet), so I think I'll make a different pattern of my own design, but probably still a vest. The kit was donated by Mona from Wolseley Wardrobe. Thanks Mona!!!!


Sara said...

sounds like everyone had a lot of fun. Glad you were able to bring a new member into the cult. lol

Anonymous said...

Thank you for taking the time to share your talents with me. It was definitely the highlight of my day.
a.k.a the new knitter

noricum said...

You're welcome Carole! It was fun. :) Drop me an e-mail or come visit me if you'd like to learn more.

noricum said...

PS: I hope your exam went well!