Saturday, June 28, 2008


I stayed up late, puttering, last night... and subsequently slept *late*.

I just bought a bunch of books from KnitPicks in their 40% off sale. (Slightly guilty glee...)

I'm still in my pajamas, and haven't eaten breakfast. I should go do that... I'm *hungry*!

It's windy out today. They blow-a-plant-off-my-coffee-table windy... although that hasn't happened yet today.

I was going to be going to the Highland Games Festival in Selkirk today with some friends, but they both had to cancel. So I'll be doing laundry and other chores instead.

I think I'll try to patch my jean "quilt" today... it's getting holes in places where I used jean fabric from at the seams. Note to self: don't use those parts any more... they look cool, but wear out fast.

I could probably think of other things to ramble on about, but I'm hungry... so I'll go deal with that now. :)


aniexma said...

Oh, I couldn't resist that book sale at Knitpicks either. If only the library would stock more knitting books!!!!

noricum said...

I was looking at the library's catalog... they actually have a lot, but not enough copies, so the new books are all reserved about ten people deep!