Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Spindle Lust

After seeing and blogging this spindle, and then having so much fun spindle spinning this past weekend (my drafting has improved a lot, making it a lot more fun)... I am greedily eyeing those Golding spindles. I discovered that the one pictured above is called "Antiqued Rosette", is walnut with an inlaid bronze alloy ring, weighs 1.0 oz, and can be bought directly for $67 here. However, while browsing, I also discovered this one, the "Art Nouveau Filigree" with finely scrolled walnut whorl and inlaid bronze alloy ring, 1.6 oz, $97.00.

I do *not* need to spend $164 on two spindles. Right? No matter how much the government gave me on my taxes, to bribe me for a vote? (They didn't call it that, but it sure feels like it.)

*sigh* I will be good... but... *drool*

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