Tuesday, June 03, 2008

The Weird Things I Do

Today I went to Subway and ordered the extra bacon. Just the extra bacon. Boy, did that ever throw the staff into a tizzy. They eventually sold it to me, but they charged me the 12" price for the 6" amount. I was okay with that... I just didn't want to pay for the whole "Veggie Delight plus bacon" when all I wanted was the bacon.

Why did I want bacon? Because I packed all the ingredients for a BLT, but in my sleep-fogged haze, forgot to pack the bacon.

If I'm working until 5:30, I need more than veggies and bread to keep me going. (I cannot live on love and air alone... I want a bit of protein, and the fat doesn't hurt either.)


jess said...

heh, that is funny! and yea, a bit of bacon will do wonders to making you feel sated!

[and now I want a BLT too. mm.]

Bethany said...

That's great!

Reminds me of a friend in high school who used to throw the people at McDonald's in a tizzy by ordering a cheeseburger sandwich with no burger (she was a vegetarian).

What's funny is that I discovered when I worked at McDonald's is that ringing up a cheeseburger with no burger is as straightforward as ringing one up with no pickle is.

Don't know about ringing up just the extra bacon. Depends on whether the cash register allows you to hit the "extra" key without ringing something in first!

noricum said...

BLTs are nice. :) But they just aren't the same without the bacon. Still good, but not as long lasting.

Yeah, McD's is set up so you can order all sorts of things. I think I either remember you telling me, knew someone else who did the same, or perhaps it was ordering the burger without the bun? I can't remember.

I'm thinking that that's why I got charged for the 12" amount of bacon instead of the 6" amount... without the sandwich size to specify, it rang up at the higher amount.

My theory is that the way it appears on the menu as an "extra", and you can order a "side" without the sub, you should be able to order an extra without a sub. (My next ploy if that didn't work was to order a cookie with bacon... can you imagine their astonishment then?!? ;) )

Nicoya said...

Well, you could always keep a stash of canned bacon at the office.

Also, baconated cookies aren't quite as obscure as you might think. ;)

noricum said...

That canned bacon looks disturbing. I hadn't heard of bacon cookies before, but I have heard of bacon chocolate bars.