Saturday, June 21, 2008


I was about to lay down for a nap when I realized that the rain had stopped, and I remembered that I had said I'd bring the paper in for Dad.

When I stepped out the door, there was a tiny sprinkling... the kind where you debate whether it's worth getting the umbrella wet.

When I got to my mom's (I thought I'd check her mailbox while I was at it, in case any flyers had appeared), it decided to drizzle. I went inside, thought about watching TV or napping there, but then decided it really wasn't raining that much. So I borrowed a ratty old umbrella of mine that was still in the hall closet, and headed out. As it turns out, a very *small* umbrella, even though it doesn't fold that small. But it wasn't raining that much. At my dad's I grabbed the paper (I figured I'd browse it and give it back tomorrow) then headed out. It was raining now, but still not that bad, and I did have the ratty umbrella. A third of the way back to my place, there was a great flash and crack, then the heavens opened up.

Sheesh. It really wasn't a big enough umbrella. Not that having a bigger one would have helped with my sandals, that had to wade through the insta-puddles.

PS: Now that I'm back inside? It's stopped raining, and there's even a brightening of the sky. I think I'll have that nap now...

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V JR said...

Have a nice nap !!