Wednesday, June 25, 2008


*Phew*... I'm now over halfway through marking the midterm. I'm taking a short break, because the intense concentration is hard to keep up. (I'm marking one question at a time, so whether or not I take a break will not affect one group of students versus another.)

It's really nice that the help centre is empty this afternoon, giving me time to mark. I didn't mark last night because I went to a wedding shower (of a friend), and I didn't mark this morning because I was slow getting up. ;) This morning I also took a few moments to put my class notes in order, because I had fallen a bit behind in doing that. I also decided what I'm teaching tomorrow, although I still need to review the material. So I guess this morning wasn't completely filled with slacking. ;)

I'm getting an idea of how I'd like to teach this course should I get another opportunity. (The department administrator mentioned that I may get the chance next summer, but I pointed out that would probably depend on my reviews.)


Mathgirl said...

We can both be in pain together marking tonight :) However I'm sure mine is much easier to mark with less concentration, intro stats.

noricum said...

Between the fact that my students did quite well, and the questions have been easy to mark (so far), it hasn't been too bad yet. ;)