Sunday, June 22, 2008

Summer Has Arrived

Whoa, nelly, summer is definitely here! That sun is *hot*, and who turned the mosquitoes on?!?! Apparently I'm still their favourite food. :(

I took break from teaching homework and went over to plant a few things in my mom's garden (two plants that had been given to my grandma and had stopped blooming, plus a pot of three small amaryllises that we split off the big bulbs). While I was there I pulled a few weeds, fed the mosquitoes, and watered some of the tomatoes and flowers that had been sheltered from yesterday's torrential rain storms. Oh... and I finally got around to turning the compost pile. (I had left it so long, it practically didn't need turning! But then I added some tulip tops that I had pulled to make room for the flowers.)

Well, I suppose now I should create an assignment for my kiddies, then maybe I can squeeze enough time to visit my grandma. After that I still need to create their midterm for Tuesday. *sigh* This is a crazy time of term for me. :(

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