Saturday, February 06, 2010

Thrift Store Fun

Thrift Store Fun


Darcy's Arc Thrift Store definitely has better pries than Value Village. A lot less selection, but better prices.

I was looking for another glass pitcher (for my milk substitute... I'm not sure I'm getting the plastic ones completely clean), but didn't find one. Instead, I came home with two doilies, two china plates, a lunch plate, a Fire King dish that I'll use as a pasta bowl, a saucer that's so pretty I'll use it as a dessert plate (there was no matching teacup), a teacup and saucer (a splurge at $3, but very pretty), a ball of 100% wool yarn, a Hershnerr's kit for making crocheted bells, a book (The King's Grey Mare by Rosemary Hawley Jarman), and some Doubl*Glo Icicles. They say "Flameproof", but also "no lead content"... so I think they're still metal, but not the awesome old lead ones. (I didn't notice the "no lead content" until I got home and was googling them.)

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