Monday, February 01, 2010


Headache again. I gave up and took some tylenol... I haven't had any tylenol lately, because I ran out, so I figured it wasn't as bad.

I broke my nice glass pitcher that my great-uncle and wife gave me as a housewarming present. It was sitting on the counter as I prepared to wash dishes. There's an under-cupboard shelf with door that swings down... and I didn't get it quite latched. It fell down and smashed the pitcher. :( Besides breaking a nice present, that was my juice pitcher, and now I don't have a juice pitcher. *sigh*

Plus, it's midnight, and I'm not in bed yet. I'm debating whether to read a chapter before bed, or if the help centre will be empty enough tomorrow that I'll be able to get some class prep done then. If I take that gamble, and it isn't, I'll probably need to skip lunch and my walk... which I really don't want to.

Today I went grocery shopping because I had a craving for salsa after reading a recipe on Pioneer Woman Cooks. I printed out both the salsa recipe, as well as one for pico de gallo, figuring I'd decide which I'd make based on what ingredients I could find. Turns out the grocery store was out of cilantro (why is it that, whenever I'm looking for Italian parsley, all I can find is curly parsley and cilantro, but now that I actually want cilantro, I had to choose between curly and Italian parsley? I know they're not the same plant, but I decided to make do with curly parsley, since it was cheaper.) I wasn't able to get the "Ro-Tel", and anything approximating it contained celery (allergy), so I decided to make pico de gallo. Turns out that, unlike the salsa which lasts quite a while, the pico de gallo is only good for about 24 hours. *sigh* I decided to make it anyway, and will toss the rest in the food processor and call it salsa if it does turn soupy after that. (I'll have to use my mom's, though, because I don't have a food processor.)

I also made salad for the week (yay me!), and some roast beef wrapped gorgonzola for my lunches. (Fancy, I know... they were handing out samples in the grocery store, and it was tasty. And hopefully relatively healthy.)

Now, with all that food prep, plus washing a week's worth of dishes... it ended up being midnight when I was done. *grump*

Well, I'll have a look at how long that chapter is, and then decide whether or not to read it tonight. (Where did the weekend go?!? I have too much work to do!!!)


kelliamanda said...

Hoping you're feeling better this morning, and that you got a good night's rest. :-) *hugs*

noricum said...

Thanks! I am feeling better this morning. I think I'll skip art club tonight... I have too much to do. And since I don't have to rush home for art club, I might stop at two of the thrift shops on the way home to see if they have glass pitchers I can use for juice. (I like having glass... I know stuff won't be absorbing into or leeching out of the glass like it can with plastic. Plus I don't want to buy second-hand plastic for food.)

Heather said...

NIce to visit your blog. i have enjoyed your various pictures and assorted ramblings.