Sunday, February 21, 2010


Where did my "Reading Week" go? I want it back! To whoever has it: return it by tomorrow morning, and no one has to get hurt.

Ever been dumped? I recommend the watching "Sita Sings the Blues". Heck, watch it even if you haven't been dumped. (Bonus: It's free.)

On the list of accomplishments for this past week, I forgot:
  • cleaned the toilet
  • had dinner with dad (twice)
  • watched step-nephew's hockey game
Now I can add:
  • washed dishes (again)
  • bought groceries
By the end of the night, I'll be able to add "tackled marking"... even if it kills me. *sigh*

Things from this past week I forgot to blog:

Wednesday someone was pounding on the outer door. I glanced outside, and saw a cop car. I went down and let them in. (They visited the lady across the hall. I didn't ask.)

Tuesday night I was coming back from knitting fairly late (I stopped in at Safeway to pick up a few things before coming home). On one bus, there was an "incident". The guy was standing at the back door, and was having trouble getting it to open for him. I'm not sure how hard he was trying, because it magically worked the instant the bus drive got up to show him how. As the bus was pulling away, there was a commotion. People jumped to the window, the bus driver rushed outside. The guy claimed the bus ran over him. Whenever the bus driver tried calling the cops, the guy said he didn't want to cause any trouble, but whenever the bus driver stopped calling, the guy started complaining again. Finally the driver just decided to call it in anyway, and asked the guy to leave the bus. (He didn't appear hurt. He appeared drunk.) Finally the guy left the bus, but started yelling at the driver. As the bus pulled away, the guy punched the window hard enough to leave a fist-sized dent in the shatter-proof glass. The driver kept driving.

Backstory: In the news a week or so ago, a mentally disabled woman had a bus driver shut the front doors on her before she could get on, and drove over her foot. The driver stopped, and offered to take her to her stop, but didn't call for an ambulance. I heard the story while I was starting to nap on the couch, and one of my first thoughts (before I saw the woman, or heard that she was disabled) was that she sounded like a drunk person. The woman is native, and, sadly, a lot of native people in that area of town are roaming around drunk. I suspect the bus driver didn't realize she was actually hurt, and thought she was drunk and ranting, instead of actually hurt. The reason I'm calling this a backstory is that I suspect the guy on my bus actually *was* drunk, and just wanted to get the bus driver in trouble, after hearing the other story on the news.

Sad. All of it.

Well, time for marking. :P

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Allergy Mom said...

oops. Didn't mean to steal it. Take it back by all means. I am dying to get sleep, but can't seem able to put down 400 page chick-lit-type novels until I have read the whole darn thing. 3 novels in one week is more than I have read in the last 3 years.