Sunday, February 14, 2010


Neighbour's Friend's Bike

If you saw this, would you:
a) ignore it,
b) suggest they put old towels or mats under the wheels, or
c) e-mail the photo to the landlord?

This bike has been there on a regular basis recently, and I'm somewhat worried what all that grime and water could be doing to the floor... either rotting it, if it's wood underneath, or causing the linoleum tiles to lift. Are my worries unfounded? Am I overreacting?

Yes, it's not my building, but I am affected emotionally by the condition of my surroundings.


Anonymous said...

Slip a little newspaper under the tires. Maybe they will get the hint.
Possibly attach a little note to the handlebars tied with a pretty ribbon asking in the sweetest possible manner for a little consideration of other folks habitat. Doesn't work, yep, do the photo thing. I always believe in giving people a second chance and the benefit of the doubt.

Heather said...

the landlord should be checking whether isn't a fire safety violation. it should be kept in the person's apartment otherwise everyone will think they can keep their bikes in the hallway.

Prairie Chicken... said...

I'd do nothing. meh.
I've always had a hard time just letting things go. But in the grand scheme of things the tiny irritants are just that... totally not worth being "the b!tch down the hall" who always complains.

as long as its not blocking your exit down the stairs leave it to someone else to worry about.

just my two cents.

noricum said...

The landlord has asked us to not have stuff in the hallways before. He and the caretaker rarely come up to the third floor.

Prairie Chicken... said...

ugh! third floor walk up? I used to live in a third floor walk up!

I guess I'm kinda anti-tattle. Mostly because I'm always the person doing naughty things....

noricum said...

Yep, third floor walk-up... although the first floor is half sunk in the ground. It's really not that bad. (In NY, they have 5th floor walk-ups... that would be much more of a nuisance!)

I just want the place to look nice... I get depressed in grungy surroundings.

Bethany said...

I'd probably mention it to the landlord (unless you think the neighbors will know it was you who reported them anyway).

These sorts of requests have more force coming from the landlord, and it's their job to make deal with them, not yours!

noricum said...

She'd probably know it was me. Plus, since this is the neighbour with no phone, he'd probably ask me to tell her. :P

She at least cleaned up the residue today... but that still doesn't prevent damage form occurring while the water is sitting there.