Sunday, February 07, 2010

Felted Slippers, and Thrift Store Fun

Yay! I finally got around to finishing a new pair of felted slippers for myself!
Felted Clogs Felted Clogs
Well... close to finished. They've been felted now, but I want to sew leather soles on them, so they hopefully won't wear out so fast.

While at the thrift store looking for a glass pitcher (not the trip I blogged about, but one right after the break), I discovered that the place to look for leather wasn't in the coat section, but in the skirt section! I bought two... one that is a decent match for the slippers, and a larger one in a more neutral colour:
Thrift Store Leather
(Sorry for the crappy lighting in these photos.)

The reason I was in the skirt department is because someone told me that's a good place to buy wool fabric for rug hooking. When I'm not broke, and am in the thrift shop anyway, I like to check... since thrift store shopping depends more on luck than "shop to order". (I haven't yet got a big enough collection to design my own patterns, I'm working towards that, though.) I found three great skirts, and felted them along with the slippers. Two shrunk moderate amounts:
Felted Wool Skirt Felted Wool Skirt
but the third went crazy:
Felted Wool Skirt
Hee! (The linings peeking out the bottom should give you an idea of what sizes they started out as. The third skirt I even let out the hem!)

Here they are again, all cut up for storage:
Cut Up Skirts (and one scarf)
(The purple bit peeking out is a wool/nylon scarf that I liked the colour enough to risk the nylon preventing it from felting.)

(Ow. Head hurting agian!)


Deneen said...

I wish I could find a crochet pattern for the slippers. Honestly, I bought one off of someone on Rav and the sole was wrong-did not work out and I didn't have it in me to sit and figure the increases and then she never got back to me.

I bought this stuff from Regia-Latex for the bottom of slippers. It's in a squirt bottle and you can use stencils (they sell them too) to make slippers slip-proof. I haven't used it yet, but will for Tai-chi because I can't stand wearing sneakers and you have to wear at least socks in class, so I have to put something on the bottom of my socks to make them slip-proof. Herrschners sells it.

PS-Love the slippers :)

noricum said...


Fiber Trends has a pattern for taller crochet slippers... or were you looking for this style in particular?

I've heard of different stuff to put on the bottom, but didn't know that Regia sold stuff.

mybabyjohn said...

Your slippers look very professional.

Deneen said...

I like the clog style, though I will check out fibertrends. Someone on etsy has a pattern also.

Here is the link for the Regia

I just saw it while looking on Herrshners online and bought it.

Heather said...

the slippers are terrific.

Good tip on the leather skirts. Thanks.

noricum said...

Thanks! I can't take too much credit for the slippers... there's something magical about the pattern (probably all the hard work the designer did) that makes it always "just work". I've never had this pattern fail me. This is also a Fiber Trends pattern.