Thursday, February 11, 2010

Pride Goeth, Going, Gone

This morning I flew ass-over-teakettle, and landed with a great splat, flat on my back. As I hung horizontal in the air, I realized there was no fixing things, and so I just relaxed and let the inevitable happen. I think that's why I didn't actually hurt myself, even though I fell so hard my toque popped off. Either that, or my ample bottom and backpack provided enough padding. I just got back up, dusted myself off, located my tuque (once I realized it was no longer on my head... luckily it was in my hood, which had also fallen back), and proceeded at a safer pace to my next bus.

Note to self: It's icy downtown (with a "dry slush" on top), and seeing that the walk light has switched to the flashing hand doesn't mean it's a good idea to speed up.

When I unpacked my backpack at school, I discovered that my laptop doesn't seem to have suffered any (I should get around to buying that replacement, though... then I'll have a spare!), although the blow was enough to knock the caps off half my pens, and the nib half off my mechanical pencil. My laptop remote has some interesting cracks in the usb part, but seems to be functioning fine too. The leftover cake was unscathed, my juice box was a bit smooshed (no leak, thankfully!), and my epipens are just fine. The bottle of hand cream I had decided to bring in didn't blurp, to my amazement. I'm glad the incident went as well as it did.


Bethany said...

I am, too!

Do have Yak Trax? People swear by them here.

Heather said...

I just love that word 'toque'. It's on my list to include when every I write a book.

Glad that you didn't hurt yourself.

noricum said...

Now that you mention it, I do have some slip-on ice grippers... they were at home, in their packaging. ;) (I've been meaning to make a carrying case for them, so they don't get everything all gross when I have to take them off to go in a building.)

Toque/tuque is such a fun word. :) Did you know that people in the southern US don't know what a tuque is? In the paper, they called a tuque a toboggan, once. (My first thought was "that must have hurt" when I read the person had been wearing a toboggan.) Do you know which of tuque/toque is the correct spelling for the Canadian meaning? I used to use "toque", but I think "tuque" might be the correct version... plus some people (read "non-Canadians") read "toque" as "toke".

Lucy said... glad you're okay as well as everything else!

Anonymous said...

Ah to be young and to bounce right back from life's little oooops!! Glad you remained in one piece.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and bye the bye, it is toque.

noricum said...

Thanks! (How did they leave that word off our elementary school spelling tests?!?)