Sunday, February 21, 2010

Random Stuff

  • The up-side of small part-of-fridge freezers is that they only take about five minutes to clean.
  • I need to eat more perogies.
  • I suffer from "out of sight, out of mind". (Hence all the perogies.)
  • Unlike freezer-burnt peas, freezer-burnt perogies are still quite edible. (Perogies stayed, peas left. Perogies were made by grandma, and thus get special treatment.)
  • Dead bananas tossed in the freezer with only their skin for protection still deteriorate. (Dead bananas gone now too. Desire to bake banana muffins will require fresh dead bananas.)
  • After tossing the old and decrepit stuff, I now have much more room in my tiny freezer.
  • I believe my habit of cluttering all flat surfaces has to do with my "out of sight, out of mind" problem... I know that if I put something "away", I'll forget about it. Thus everything needs to be "dealt with" before it can be put away. Problem is, once something else gets piled on top, it's once again "out of sight."
  • I need to come up with a new way of compensating for my "out of sight, out of mind" problem.
  • I also need to deal with my amazing powers of procrastination... preferably using a method that doesn't involve lack of sleep... which is what my present method results in. (I can't go to bed until I've done X, but I keep procrastinating X, and thus, not only haven't I done X, but I'm also sleep deprived.) And, um, yes... that's why I'm currently still awake. *sigh* Problem is, I know I don't have enough time tomorrow to finish everything I need to get done.

Things I *have* accomplished over reading week:
  • swept & mopped bedroom floor
  • washed dishes (although they've accumulated again...)
  • visited the antique store to spend my gift certificate
  • drilled holes to attach new old handle to easel drawer, only to discover that screws were way too short
  • visited the antique store to swap the shorter screws for longer ones (still too short), plus spend birthday/fun money
  • finished Christmas present for H
  • help H move her dad
  • visited with neighbour-friend lady
  • caught up on sleep (negating that tonight)
  • went to art club
  • went to knitting
  • made microwave hot pads
  • did laundry (twice)
  • washed throw pillow covers and put throw pillows in closet
  • cleaned freezer
  • dusted china cabinet
  • watered plants (need watering again)
  • showered mermaid vine
  • finished and posted assignment #1 sample solutions
  • finished assignment #2 sample solutions (need to add formal block commenting)
  • answered e-mail and forum questions
  • answered phone questions

Still to do:
  • big pile o' marking
  • so many things around the apartment it would be depressing to list them all


Sara said...

LOL "fresh dead bananas"!

noricum said...

That one gave me a chuckle when I wrote it too. ;)

Pat said...
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Pat said...

I'll try again--
Loved your rant on dead bananas and procrastination which hits pretty close to home as you can see by the hour this is posted. Found your blog at "next blog" while surfing through fiber artists.

noricum said...

Thanks! Thanks for stopping by and saying hi! :)