Thursday, September 24, 2009

Water Bottle Annoyance

The majority of my water bottles leak. (Why is it they can make pop bottles that don't leak, but seem incapable of doing the same for reusable bottles?) Early on in my bus ride, I noticed my leg was a bit damp from my water bottle, but didn't worry too much about it. Then I fell asleep. When I woke at the university, I discovered that the front half of one leg of my shorts was drenched... there's a dinner plate sized soggy area. *sigh* The stupid water bottle was basically upright! How did it leak so much?!?

Sheesh! I just noticed that it leaked all over my back pocket too!!! And I *know* it was upright while I was walking!


Sara said...

How are folks supposed to choice the green reusable water bottle if it becomes an annoyance? grrrr. I love my SIGG.

noricum said...

Yeah. I agree.

I love the pretty pictures on the SIGG bottles, but I don't love the prices. Or how narrow the neck is... I like to be able to thoroughly clean my water bottles. Is yours one of the newer BPA-free liner types, or the older style? Did you know you can get the older style ones replaced?

Muriel said...

I have a nalgene bottle for my water, I consider it one of the best investment I ever made: it is pretty, it doesn't smell, it doesn't leak, it is easily washable.

noricum said...

My nalgene bottles leak some, there was that stuff about BPA in them for a while, and unless I also buy the little drinking adaptor, I tend to spill water down my front. (Yeah, I'm a klutz.) Plus, they seem to eject themselves from my backpack side-nets at a higher probability than other water bottles. (Hence, the one that I had that fit the drinking adaptors, and the drinking adaptor that was in it, are lost somewhere in NC. I think.)