Monday, September 28, 2009

*Gasp*! Not *WEASLEY*!!!!

This morning was rather brisk, so I put on my lovely Weasley sweater, and then went to brush my teeth. Looking in the mirror, I discovered the following problem at the elbows:
IMG_2399.JPG IMG_2401.JPG
One of those stitches is down to a single thread!!!

When I went to take photos tonight, I found an even *worse* problem at the hem, although it will probably be a faster repair due to smaller area:

Although it's nowhere near as dire, this spot near the collar looks like it could use a little reinforcing:

I don't think I can risk wearing Weasley again until the elbows and hem are repaired. I have worn it enough that it's generally getting thin all over, but I just think of it as a "light" sweater now. I suspect the thickness of the new patches will make them stand out, even though I'll be duplicate stitching them in.

Klaralund #1 (the blue-green one) is also awaiting a major repair at the bust-level seam. (I need to rip out the whole seam, unpick the cast-off, and then live graft the seam so that it has stretch, and stops breaking.)

If I don't get knitting and/or repairing, I'm going to have problems staying warm this winter! (Strangely enough, yarn only keeps me warm once it's in sweater form, not all balled up in the closet.) Right now I have four sweaters that are in good condition. (That I know of... but then I thought Weasley was fine too!)

*Yawn* Time for bed! (I was doing so well, and then I started answering work-related e-mails and posts... *sigh*)


jess said...

oh no! it does all look repairable thankfully. I have some repairs to do myself. good luck! :)

noricum said...

Yes, it's all easily repaired, I just need to find the time to do it. :( (I *need* more time!!!)

It's just disappointing, because this is my "go to" sweater, my comfort sweater... the sweater I used to re-teach myself to knit.

Anonymous said...

Oh, no! Not _Weasley_. I'm glad it can be repaired, but I so understand the "I don't have time" problem. Unless it is vital, things like that often have to wait a long time during a teaching term before I get around to them.