Friday, September 18, 2009


Good: It's Friday. I can go home tonight and have a nap, and not worry if the nap becomes a full night sleep.

Bad: It's still another 40 minutes until I can go home, and I'm having trouble keeping my eyes open.

Good: I made it through the first full week of teaching, and I *love* my students! They're so friendly and cheerful, and I can tell that at least some of them are learning stuff!

Bad: The engineering "band" is making noise downstairs... and not in a musical way.

Good: I don't have to prepare for class *tonight*. I still need to do prep work, but it doesn't have to be *tonight*.

Bad: Last time I did dishes, I only got half way through (it was a pre-dinner wash, so I continued until I had to stop and eat), so all my pots and cutlery are dirty.

Good: I can still scrounge enough clean dishes for a bowl of cereal... that'll do me tonight, should I wake up enough to eat.

Good: I bought two shirts on sale at Northern Reflections, and mom gave me two more, so now I have "lots" of nice clothes to wear for teaching.

Good: I finished the section of slides I was supposed to finish today in class.

Good: A friend gave me a bunch of fresh garden tomatoes! Yum!

Bad: I desperately need to clean out the fridge.

Good: I got tired of how nasty my toilet had become earlier this week, so I sacrificed a few minutes of sleep and now have a clean one.

Bad: I'm *reeeeeealy* tired. Did I mention that?

Good: Seven minutes have passed, so no there's only 33 minutes until I can go home.

Good: I can nap on the bus.

Bad: Napping on the bus tends to give me a crick in my neck.

Bad: I've been catching the express lately, and I usually end up standing. Perhaps I'll sacrifice taking longer in order to get a seat? However that'll mean I might miss my nice connection downtown... Hmmm....


Sara said...

I didn't officially count, but a visual peruse looks like the good outweighed the bad.

noricum said...

Yep, on the whole, I was (and still am) feeling pretty happy. My, did I have a *long* nap when I got home... around three hours! Then I watched a bit of TV, spun during the news, flipped through a used wildflower book I bought yesterday, and now I think I'll go back to sleep again. :)

Dinner consisted of cereal (pre-nap), and a burrito (post-nap). Dishes will be dealt with tomorrow.