Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Crazy-Busy Life

Yesterday: Gardening, babysitting, then finally showering and collapsing in front of the TV. (I meant to accomplish more yesterday, but found myself... unable? Unwilling?)

Last night: Slept poorly due to gardening aches.

Today: Dishes (yes, they once again reached mountainous proportions... but I dealt with at least half), library run, pottery, then art club. (By art club time, I was desperately in need of a nap. Why am I still up? Too much to do!!! I have been somewhat productive while posting, though... I got the evil Microsoft Office installed. Yay for enough RAM to do multiple things at once!!!)

Guess what?!? My first glazed piece of pottery was out of the kiln!!! Here it is, in all it's awesomeness:
IMG_2351.JPG IMG_2352.JPG
...and here it is with the cool mushroom pincushion I bought on Etsy:
This dish will sit beside my sewing machine to collect the threads and bits that I trim off things I'm sewing. The green was supposed to be much darker... but it turns out with transparent glazes, you need to put two thick coats on... and I only put one thin coat on, worrying that it would run. Whoops. I now know better for the next pieces. Of which there are many.

Although I had a bunch of stuff to apply glaze to, I only managed a single colour on one bookend and one set of buttons... so neither are ready for their second firing. (It was the same colour on both.) However, I did get two coats of the colour. :)

I also trimmed my thrown pot, which was at the leather-hard stage this week. It's now ready for it's first firing. I don't think I knew about trimming of leather-hard stage thrown pots before, so that's two new things I learned today. After accidentally wrecking my first thrown pot last week, I threw the second one extra thick... so I could trim to my heart's content. :) (What a happy coincidence!)

The hook part broke off the stocking holder I made last week. :( It hasn't had it's first firing yet. The instructor said it's probably easier to fix after it's first firing. I'm thinking that perhaps maybe I should just clean up the broken edge, and not call it a stocking holder. I suppose what happens will depend on whether I make it to pottery again before it gets fired for the first time...