Sunday, September 20, 2009


Suspiciously strange. When I start my laundry, I put the required number of coins in my pocket: one loonie and six quarters per load. Today I put in enough for three loads, then remembered I actually wanted to do four today, and added another load's worth. I specifically remember going back and getting those extra coins. However, a short while later (the third load in the dryer... oh...

...I figured it out. I didn't lose exactly one load's worth of coins, I divided the laundry into *five* loads. Eep! I'm doing extra laundry today (housecoat, couch afghan, sheets from my grandma), but I thought it would only be one load extra. (I *think* I normally do three in the summer...?) Hmmm... perhaps that is why the loads didn't end up as big as I thought they'd be?

I think I may be losing my mind. Sheesh.

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