Wednesday, September 16, 2009


You know that thing/sound where you purse your lips, make a sound, and then use your finger to wobble the lips? That thing you do to indicate crazy? That's a bit how I'm feeling right now.

I had enough sleep Friday and Saturday nights, but am now working on my third night of insufficient sleep. I'm also currently unwinding from this morning's class. The first one I taught without the aid of an expensive Starbucks signature hot chocolate. I made tea before class, but, due to my first bus running 15 minutes late, and not having a heat-proof mouth, I didn't get to drink it until after class. (Surprisingly, it was still somewhat warm.)

I'm seven slides behind where I had intended to be, but I'm pretty sure I can make up the time next class, since there's several "light" slides in the next chunk of notes.

Teaching is going reasonably well. I didn't even have a panic attack before class! (I think... but then I wasn't fully awake before class either.) I did encounter tangle-mouth at least once in class, but I think the students are finding me okay. There's a bunch of really friendly faces in the class, and that helps a lot. :) (Plus I speak English without an accent... the guy teaching the section before me has quite a thick one.)

Anyways, I'm here, I'm alive, I'm doing reasonably well (besides not getting enough sleep). I'd probably ramble on more, but I want to go have lunch.

PS: The painting I was working on last night at the art club is coming out really fantastic, in my opinion... but it's in the series I can't show you yet. Sorry.

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