Friday, September 11, 2009

Vacation Advice

For my mom, not me.

My mom, B, and two friends are thinking of heading south for part of the winter (three weeks maximum for the friends, possibly longer for my folks). Arizona appears to be in their radar, although they're open to other suggestions. (I think.) When mom went to look for places online, a dozen or more cities and towns popped up. Mom asked if I knew anyone in Arizona, and if I could ask their advice.

So, here I am. Anyone have any recommendations on an inexpensive place to defrost? They'll have a car, so somewhere with interesting stuff within driving distance would be nice. Thanks!


Alicia said...

I lived in Arizona for 2 years. I don't pretend to know the whole place, but I would highly recommend Sedona (north of Phoenix, see It's gorgeous! It also has a BIG art scene. It's expensive, though.

From Sedona you can easily drive to Flagstaff (also quite scenic), and you'd be about 100 miles from the Grand Canyon.

The less expensive (I would guess) would be to stay in Flagstaff, and from there go to Sedona and Grand Canyon.

noricum said...

Thanks Alicia! :)

Prairie Chicken... said...

in Tuscon AZ, absolutely gorgeous B&B that my family stayed at during my sisters wedding. Beautiful pool and the owners are super great!

noricum said...

Thanks, Prairie Chicken!