Friday, August 21, 2009



I think my iPod and I may have reached a truce that will take us perhaps until Christmas (or beyond?)...

When I plug the iPod in, it loads replacement podcasts until it encounters a disk error (at a little under half full). I don't press the issue, and it doesn't flip out.

Hypothesis: an iPod mini *may* be in Christmas or Christmas+birthday present range for one of my parents. Alternately, I'm going to be paid for running a silk painting workshop, I'll be earning more tutoring money next term... and who knows? Maybe I'll sell a painting at the fall art show? In the fall, I'll feel more comfortable about spending money on a new iPod than I do at the moment.

In a nice discovery, I found out that university staff *do* qualify for an education discount, contrary to what the Apple promotion guy told me. (The apple site mentioned staff, and I asked at Computers on Campus too.) Not that there's an education discount on iPods, but there are on new laptops. (Although I *could* buy a laptop and get a rebate for a free iPod touch right now, I think I'd prefer an iPod mini, and waiting a bit longer before spending the money on a laptop.)


Bethany said...

I love my iPod Touch to itty bitty pieces, but that doesn't help with the money issue. :-)

Knittah said...

I love my iPod Touch too . . . although I really want an iPhone.

Bethany said...

Me, too. But I don't want it $30 a month plus voice plan worth of want!

(Actually, if I did want it that much I might get a Pre instead. They're adorable. But I digress...)

noricum said...

The iPod touch sure looks nifty... but since I'd probably just use it for listening to podcasts, the smaller and lighter nano is probably better for me.

Bethany: The Pre is by Palm, right? My brother is working there this summer, so he could probably get you a nifty discount on a Pre. ;) (And, should that happen to mean you have an iPod that you don't need any more... ;) )