Wednesday, August 19, 2009



I think my iPod is dying. Well, I know my iPod is dying, the question is how much more life can I squeak out of it?

Starting perhaps a couple of months ago, sometimes the start of a podcast would get garbled (first 5-10 seconds or so), but the rest would be fine. Last night, after pulling myself away from a sudoku way too late at night... I discovered that, although my iPod appeared fine, all of the music and podcasts had disappeared. When I plugged it back in, my computer didn't recognize it, and iTunes asked me to run the "restore to factory settings". So I did. Then I let it resynch, eventually going to bed without it lulling me to sleep.

This morning I had to repeat the process, but I got to listen to a podcast on the way to and from my doctor appointment. (No death panels, and my rash is probably allergy/hives/eczema... although it was hard to tell, because it decided to mostly clear up for the appointment, and my doc told me I could call my mystery joint aches "arthritis". Yay for that last one! I hate having something with no name. It's not severe arthritis, but it's still probably arthritis. I guess I'll take my mystery rash to the allergist... assuming it comes back.)

Tonight... dead iPod again. It's currently resynching... and I'm googling to find out if there's something I can do.


This is my second dead iPod... it's the one that the wonderful Jess sent me after my first one died. Thank you Jess!!!!


jess said...

oh no! did you try reformatting it (I'm not sure the iTunes restore does a full format)? It is a rather old ipod, but still, very sad! :( Hope you can eke a few more weeks or months out of it!

noricum said...

Not having found anything terribly useful online (yet), I'm going to give Disk Utility a try. I suspect there's bad sectors on the disk. I don't think iTunes likes what Disk Utility does to the iPod, but hopefully doing a scrub and restore will equal a full format.

If nothing else, I did get lots of use out of it already... two hours a day on the bus, and an hour or so every night!

Scunge said...

If you do buy a new one get the extended warranty it is totally worth it on MP3 and iPods! Yes I used to be in this business so I know of what I speak.

noricum said...

Really? I've had problems with two iPods now, but both would be well beyond their initial extended warranties, I'm pretty sure.