Thursday, August 20, 2009

Thrift Store Plates

Thrift Store Plates

Pretty plates I bought at the thrift store the other week. The top one has stamps on the back, the bottom one doesn't. The bottom one looks hand painted at first glance, but careful examination shows that each flower is identical. It's good enough quality that you can't see the dots from the transfer, though. There's no stamps on the back, to help me figure out whether it might be "worth" anything. I paid $1 for the top plate, and 25 cents for the bottom.


Sara said...

too pretty for beret blocking lol!

noricum said...

And before I pried the hook off the bottom, it wouldn't have worked anyway. (For some reason, someone decided that the plate would make a nice wall decoration. Given it's scratches, it didn't spend it's whole life on the wall, though.)