Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Ugh... please, can I have my cooler temperatures back? It got up to a sweltering 30 C today, with the humidex at 37 C (98.6 F). Now, I know that's nothing for you folks down south... but I'm a delicate, wilting prairie flower with too much insulation. My poor old window AC is struggling to combat the heat. (The kitchen is nice, the rest of the house could do with being a few degrees cooler.)

Earlier tonight a big, black cloud moved in, and there's lots of lightening and thunder. There's been a little patter of rain, but I imagine other parts of the city (probably to the south, where I saw it come in) are getting torrents. (I've unplugged my computer, and am running off battery power. After writing this post, I'll shut it down to avoid the heat generated by it... every little bit counts.)

Earlier today I went over and weeded my mom's garden, and pulled a few next door as well (where the nice old lady lives). It wasn't too bad in the shade, but the sun was *brutal*. However, the weeds *really* needed pulling... some were about to set seed, and others had already started. In good news, the lovely black eyed susans set seed before dying from the crazy winter, and some seedlings have started coming back. In the fall I'll move them to where they should be.

Looks like the art fair is going to be postponed *again*... there's now 100% chance of rain being forecast, and *buckets* of it.

I can't think of anything else exciting going on right now, so I think I'll go sit in the kitchen for a bit... both for the cool air, and because I have a craft project there I need to finish.

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