Saturday, August 15, 2009

Death Squads and Froot Loops

Sadly, Saturday night "I'm going to bed now" usually means dealing with a pile of clean laundry and bedding heaped on my bed, especially if I was feeling crappy when I brought the stuff upstairs. While I'm folding, I listen to podcasts. Tonight I was listening to CBC's As It Happens. Did you know that Froot Loops can recover? Here's an interesting interview (mp3 link) with a former religious right operative, comparing tactics then (against abortion) and now (against Obama).

I have an appointment with my doctor on Wednesday. Should I encounter any "death squads", I'll be sure to let you know. ;) (Assuming I survive, of course. Should I not survive, you'll know by the never ending blog silence.)


Anonymous said...

Lady had a vet appointment on Wednesday. I'm sure she imagines very bad things happening to her all the way to the vet. "Meow! Meow!" But she understands that when I let her back into her cat carrier at the vet's, she's going home. And is silent all the way home. Pretty smart for a cat.


noricum said...

Hmmm... now how can we use a cat's intelligence to improve the rationality of those nut jobs at those American town halls...