Friday, August 28, 2009


So, I made it over to the drugstore, farmer's market, and back. (I still feel like crap, but not bad enough to pester my dad into running errands for me. I did get the farmer's market people to pick out my veggies, though, so that I wouldn't share my germs. Of course, they still had to touch my money.)

Shopping trip:
• bottle of 50 decongestants: $13.43 (Already taken one.)
• handful of swiss chard: $1.85 (Pricey, but variety in the diet is a good thing.)
• package of six chocolate chip cookies: $2 (Very pricey, but I was weak, and they look good. Will try one after I write this post. Sign that I'm sick? I haven't dug into the package yet!)
• big bag of green beans: $1 (Definitely the best deal, but way more than I can eat. Hopefully my parents will help me.)

Ugh... maybe I'll have a nap before I try a cookie. Tired...


Sara said...

mmmm. cookies.

Prairie Chicken... said...

I had so much swiss chard in my garden earlier this year that I had to throw a bunch away!

noricum said...

No! So sad! You didn't have any friends or co-workers to share it with?

Prairie Chicken... said...

No one wanted it!! It was a SWISS chard tragedy!! We ate so much of it and we couldnt get thru it quickly enough!

noricum said...

I will help you next year, should you need it! (Or this year, should it happen again!)