Saturday, August 08, 2009

MTS Payphone

I've told Mr MTS Payphone that I would like him to stop calling me, because it's stressing me out, being put in the middle of their dispute. I've asked him to find another method to contact my neighbour. I said that he could give me a method to contact him, in case she wanted to, but other than that, I'm out of this.

If he calls again, I'm going to call the remand people and ask them to ask him to stop calling me.

In more cheerful news, I took one of my neighbour's kids raspberry picking at my dad's. That totally made his day. :)


kelliamanda said...

Glad you told him to stop calling. You shouldn't have to be in the middle, you know?

noricum said...

Yeah, that's how I felt too. He didn't sound too pleased, but that's his problem, not mine.