Monday, November 05, 2012

Why Not?

When my uncle was over, we looked through a few of the boxes he had given me, to see if his gloves had ended up in them. We didn't find the gloves. I did discover, though, that there was one of those jars of paint that paint stores sell to let you try out a colour. I suspect my uncle had bought it to use as touch-up paint at the condo he had been renting. I had no idea what I'd do with it.

Thursday night, as I was getting ready for bed, I got a nosebleed. While waiting for the nosebleed to finish, I decided to slap the paint on the wall of the spare bedroom. I figured "why not?", since I was having trouble deciding which colour to paint it. It's last paint job had been a purple so pale that it played tricks with your eyes. The sample jar was what I would call "apartment cream"... as in the colour that landlords use when they get tired of white. I figured it might give me a better background to decide what paint chip I liked best. (Or, if I decided I liked it, I could use the info on the top to buy more.) I was rather impressed how far I managed to paint with that cup full. I didn't bother with a roller, but just used my brush.

In this photo you can see some paint chips I'm considering, a painting by my uncle that I'm thinking of using for inspiration for the room, the 70s carpet that will be staying for now, the bedding that will be on the bed (given to me by mom and Bob, who upgraded to a queen sized bed from a double bed, and so now can't use it), the headboard for the bed, and a lamp with shade that will also be in the room.

I think I managed to do about half a wall! (I had to move the bed in order to use up the paint.) The paint colour isn't bad... I'm thinking of going a touch darker, to get a better contrast with the white trim. It has been very helpful, though.

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