Monday, November 05, 2012

Wheelbarrow Adventures

It seems my wheelbarrow was getting bored with life around here, and it decided to go on an adventure. I was oblivious enough that I didn't notice until it came back on Saturday. I was quite surprised to come around the corner of the house and find it on the front lawn, instead of inside the porch where I had left it.

I could tell that someone had used it, as it had different coloured dirt inside it, plus the sticker on the bottom was now mostly missing:
(I hadn't moved anything white and powdery in it.)

It also came with the following note taped to the handle:
Sorry about the mix up. A friend grabbed your wheel barrow by mistake. I hope it wasn't too much trouble/inconvenience - just pieced the story together today. Thanks again.
- Matt
Please accept this small apology. $20.
The note was wrapped around a business card and a $20 bill.

It's rather shocking to discover your practically-brand-new wheelbarrow had been missing (thinking back, I recall looking at things on my way through the porch that should have been *behind* the wheelbarrow), but no real harm was done, and it was back by the time I needed it again.

I decided to donate the $20 to the neighbourhood group that bands the elms in the neighbourhood.

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