Sunday, November 11, 2012

It Snowed

Okay, so I guess you *can* tell that I shovelled last night:
...but only in a "technicality" kind of way.

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas:
Too bad I don't have my Christmas lights up. (Dad said I could have the ones that were left behind in the porch.)

Several observations:
1. Gardening is done for the year. (Whether I want it to be or not.)
2. Dad's junk looks prettier covered with snow.
3. Looks like I won't have to start paying for the place until at least spring.

The snow weighed down the branches:
I had had all the branches trimmed so that I could walk underneath. I knocked off as much snow as I could.

Looks like I'm not going to be driving anywhere for a bit:
...since even if I shovel the car out, I'd probably have to shovel the back lane too, since the guy across the lane tossed a bunch of his snow over the fence and onto the lane. There's a limit to what I can force my car through.

I wonder if I'll be going to art tomorrow night? (I have too much stuff to lug on the bus.)

Silly dictionary... I had to teach it how to spell both plowed (as in "I can't go to art unless the back lane gets plowed", which I used in an e-mail) and shovelled, used here. *sigh* Must be created by a non-farming city bunch living where it's too warm for snow.

The chickadees in the back yard are adorable. When I stopped to watch them, one flew to a branch about two feet (less?) from my nose and checked me out! I didn't get any photos, because reaching into my pocket made them fly away. They're also checking out the bird house! (I saw at least two stick their heads in, but neither went fully in.) Perhaps they can also use it to weather out some nasty storms. (I sure hope the wasp spray residue is gone! It was back in August that it got sprayed... next summer, after the birds move out, I think I'll bag it from August until snow hits, just so the wasps don't decide to *start* nesting in it.)

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