Monday, November 19, 2012


Tonight at art I continued working on my painting:
I worked on the grasses in the background, the reeds in the mid-ground, and added some bare, wispy purple-brown trees. And showed a club member how to do stuff (including burning photos onto CDs) on his laptop. I didn't write down the instructions, though, so if he doesn't play around, he won't remember and I'll have to teach him again. That's okay, though. I don't mind.

When I paint the egret, I'm going to move it up a bit so that it's in front of the dark green trees.

I still need to do some more on the reeds in the mid-ground, and add the ones in the foreground. Plus the egret, of course. I might be able to finish next painting night.

As a reminder, this is the photo that is the inspiration for this painting:

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