Monday, November 05, 2012


I managed to carve three jack-o-lanterns for Halloween, although the kids started coming around before I managed to finish them all:
I had hoped to be more adventuresome, but, due to lack of time (and the fact that the skinniest knife I had was still rather unwieldy), I ended up going relatively traditional. Oh well... fun carving, seeds for toasting, and slime for the compost heap.

Annoying: the coating on one of my cookie sheets stuck to the pumpkin seeds, so that batch is half-ruined. (I'm eating them myself, examining each before I eat it. The good batch I took in to work to share.)

Also on Halloween: my uncle and his fiancee came over. I showed her two paintings I had forgotten to show her before... and they ended up buying them before the night was over. I'm back to not owning any of my own silk paintings, besides the one piece I did when I was learning silk painting, but it uses the design that came with the kit. Time to make another silk painting, I think!

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