Monday, November 05, 2012

Update: Yard & Art

All of the non-iris perennials are now in dirt, and so have a hope of surviving the winter:
I got a bunch of the bulbs planted too, but have *lots* more. (I planted some back here, and some in the front garden around the peony.) I was tempted to toss the bulbs where I dug to expose the tree roots and just scrape the soil back in place, but I couldn't stand the thought of going *backwards*.

Ahhh, much better:
No more perennials here, swept, plus shifted dad's junk elsewhere. I need to wash the table (I think dad's leaving it, and it's useful), but still, a vast improvement.

I turned the leaf pile (then added the three piles from the front, but after I took the photo), trimmed some low-hanging branches from the spruce (I found a number of pine needles in my hair on Saturday), and trimmed the shrubby thing that I've decided to leave where it is. (It's pretty shaded there for vegetables, plus there's probably lots of roots from the spruce tree.)

I put up the birdhouse:
(Hopefully the wasp spray residue won't cause the birds any problems... does anyone know anything about that?)

All this, plus I went to art tonight, and worked some more on my painting:

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