Sunday, November 25, 2012

Bird Feeder

I got a bird feeder on Freecycle last week, and picked up some black oil sunflower seeds to fill it the same night. Peeking at it in the morning, I noticed some chickadees checking it out once, but they didn't fully land on it. However, the seeds *were* going down, so it must have been making something happy. (The seeds fall through a bit, but there were more gone from the feeder than could be explained by what I saw below.)

I was chatting with my neighbour yesterday, and he commented that a squirrel was eating my seeds.
Yup. Apparently (s)he is. Cute little red guy!

My neighbour wasn't sure if I was the type that would get upset by squirrels eating my seeds. Given that he doesn't clear it out in an hour like the squirrels in NC did (you can see it's only gone down a bit since Wednesday when I hung it up), I don't think I'm bothered. Squirrels need to eat too, and are adorable. I do hope the birds get some too, though!

The only seed the store had was Scotts... I sure hope it isn't the stuff with the toxic chemicals. :( (It did have a warning not to feed to pets, which concerns me.) If I see organic or other brands, I'll pick up those when I see them to use in the future.


aniexma said...

I have a bunch of bird feeders that are very popular with both the squirrels and the birds - all very entertaining for me! Sparrows like white hulled millet (from Scoop 'n Weigh!), and they like to eat it off the ground. The red squirrels in my garden are as big as grey squirrels, grey squirrels are as big as racoons (and that's no lie - yesterday Nigel looked out in the garden and said, "Oh my God! What is THAT!" - it was a grey squirrel.)

noricum said...

Cool, thanks for the tips! :D