Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Weasley Repairs

Weasley Repairs

Well, I wore Weasley to school today, and no one commented on all the patches... so either they didn't notice them, or they were being polite. ;)


Prairie Chicken... said...

I SAID "I totally can't tell where " you patched your fav sweater!"

really, from the pics you totally can't tell. You're a sweater patching genius

noricum said...

Yes, well, flash photography and real life are two completely different things. You can't see the cables in my cabled sweaters in flash photography either. ;) But thank you!

Anonymous said...

Well, I didn't notice. (But I am not the noticing type.) Did any knitting types notice?


noricum said...

I'm not sure whether I was in the presence of any knitting types while wearing it. Perhaps I'll pose suspiciously in front of L the next time I wear it, and see if she can figure out why I'm acting strange. ;)