Thursday, October 29, 2009

Oink oink.

I did manage to get vaccinated against the swine flu yesterday... so if I get a craving for truffles this winter, it should be for purely culinary reasons. From start to end, it took a bit over two hours.

Note to self: if you may be getting a vaccine that day, it's best to think about that possibility while dressing in the morning. (I can't remember if the news that prompted the chain of events came before or after I was dressed, but I ended up wearing a top with narrow long sleeves... which meant I had to stick my arm out the bottom, and pretend that no one was looking at me.)

Thankfully I didn't fall over and die, or even have an allergic reaction at all. While checking for potential allergens, I did find out something about the adjuvant that, with my sense of humour, I found hilarious. I'm not going to blog it, though... e-mail me if you're dying to know.

I felt so little during the injection itself, I was kind of worried there was something wrong with my nerves. I'm more used to the needles used to give blood, which are quite a bit thicker. Of course, with the way some of the children were screaming (often before they got stuck at all), you'd think we were in Guantanamo.

The lack of pain didn't last, though. It started to feel sore when I left to go home, and by bedtime, raising my arm or lying on it caused pain. The level of the pain is around "bad bruise". Between the pain, and the fact that I prefer sleeping on my left side, which clearly wasn't an option last night, I didn't sleep that well. However, with a full eight hours between when my head hit the pillow and the alarm clock going off, I feel quite a bit better today than I have. (Yay!) I still hit a point around lunch time when I felt like a nap would have been a really good idea, but I've caught a second wind. Now I just need to finish my class prep for tomorrow, and I can go home. (Yay!... assuming it doesn't take me too long. So I should shut up, and go do it.)

The pain is still at bad-bruise level, and I've got some tingling in my left hand and arm as well. Hopefully that won't hang around too long. :P

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shillelagh said...

Re: the adjuvant in the swine flu vaccine.. the only one I know of is squalene, and from what I've read on it, there's nothing funny????

My hubcat is just getting over suspected H1N1. His clinic wouldn't test to confirm it, but he had severe symptoms, and besides, it's a bit early in the season for "seasonal" flu. He was in bed for 8 days and is only barely getting his strength back now.

I took care of him all this time and feel fine. I've never had a flu shot and am not getting one now.