Sunday, October 11, 2009

This weekend *sucks*

Yesterday morning the phone woke me up... someone calling my neighbour! I grumped at her, and asked her to make other arrangements.

Then I spent too much money while grocery shopping. Part of it was that I haven't been in a while, part was that I was stocking up, and part of it was that I was in an "ooo... shiny!" frame of mind. *sigh* And after spending way too much? The "free" item wasn't one I wanted, and then I discovered that I forgot things after I was home.

Backing into the parking pad, I scratched up my brother's car:
*shit*. The offending post:
I don't like backing into things. I'm fine backing *out* of things, but I really don't like backing into things. However, my brother likes his car pointed out, so I thought I'd put it back the way I found it. The turning radius isn't as tight as I thought it was. I noticed that I was getting close, so I pulled out and fixed my trajectory. Or so I thought. I was watching the *other* side, to see how close to the garage I was. The car is ten or so years old, and it's not like it's in perfect condition:
...but my brother wants the professionals to look at it, rather than just using the touch-up paint to make sure it doesn't rust. *sigh* Knowing what professionals charge, there goes a week's pay.

After that lovely experience, I went over to my mom's to drain the rain barrels. I attached the hose and straightened it out, so that the water would drain over near the street, and not next to the house. There must have been water frozen in the hose, because *nothing* came through. *sigh* So I just let them drain near the house.

My hot water bottle burst.
No, not in the sink. In my bedroom. Thankfully, not in my bed... but I didn't want that stuff on the dresser all wet either, and there was water all the way from my bedroom to the bathroom. :P Luckily it *did* happen *before* I started laundry, so I could use things that were going to be washed anyway, and thus didn't create lots of extra laundry for next week.

Both my mom and dad are out of town, so I don't have a thanksgiving dinner to look forward to tomorrow.

Finally, the hallway smells like cooking cabbage. (I think someone must be making holopchi.) I don't like the smell of cooking cabbage.

On a somewhat brighter note, my ADD student might not need me to tutor him tomorrow!


Sara said...

I've got a huge dent in my car from hitting a parked car. Luckily there was more damage to my car.

noricum said...

I suppose I should be thankful that only one car was involved, and thus I'll only lose *one* week's pay, not two. :P (The fencepost survived just fine.)

Anonymous said...

I hope you never hand the phone over to your neighbour when somebody calls for her. Otherwise, you are rewarding her taking advantage of you.


noricum said...

I had been, but I think I will stop now. I've had my ringer turned off all week... when I got home on Monday (the day of her ex's court date), there were three calls in the caller id that I suspect were for her (private number), and that triggered it. *sigh*

Jill said...

I've just stumbled across your blog about the unfortunate demise of your poor old hot water bottle.
Would you believe the very same thing happened to me only last week, not once but twice!
The first time was no great deal as the bottle sprung a leak over the sink as I was filling it, but the second one, just a few days later, burst in my bed soaking right down into the mattress. My husband just laughed and said it was my own fault for using them when they are old and worn, but I find old bottles softer and more snugly. The split in the worn out rubber was even bigger than the hole in your old bottle! I can't give you a photo of mine though as both are now, sadly, consigned to the dustbin. No doubt yours ended up in the Canadian equivalent!

noricum said...

Yowzers, I'm sorry to hear that Jill! :P