Sunday, October 11, 2009

Apartment Repairs.

Landlord: The caretaker will be away for a month, can you let me know if anything needs attending to?

Me: Sure. (I have e-mail, it's easy to shoot one off whenever I want.)

time passes

Me: The latch to the garbage area broke, and the door is swinging in the wind. (Plus a few more details.)

Landlord: "Thanks for letting me know. [The caretaker] is away for a little while yet so if you can do something temporary that would be great.



IMG_2434.JPG IMG_2435.JPG

Some days I feel like the world is taking advantage of me.


Sara said...

You did a lovely repair on the latch, though.

noricum said...

Thank you. :) I had the piece of wood left over from cutting the trim for my desk (which I have yet to finish), and a neighbour kindly used his power saw to remove the mitred edges. The drill bit skidded a bit, and so the hole isn't as centred as it might otherwise have been, but I didn't exactly measure it to begin with.

At any rate, given that it's oak, I kind of suspect that it'll outlast the rest of the structure. ;)

Prairie Chicken... said...

while yer at it I've got some things that need fixin' at my place.

noricum said...

How well do you pay? I've got a whopping bill to pay my brother... :P

Prairie Chicken... said...

I pay less then minimum wage and have been known to sexually harrass my employee's

noricum said...

*sigh*... too bad you aren't a cute guy who is also kind and intelligent. ;)