Saturday, October 10, 2009

Snow Photos

Here's how the snow looked at 11 am when a call for my neighbour woke me up. (I've asked her now to arrange for people to stop calling her on my phone. I need my weekend mornings to catch up on sleep I'm not getting during the week. I didn't say that bit, but I think she gathered it from my dishevelled look and grumpy demeanour.)
IMG_2430.JPG IMG_2431.JPG
The snow had been melting for a while when I took these photos... last night even the streets were covered, and the snow was thicker. There's less now than was in these photos. Although this snow probably won't stick around until real winter sets in, it also won't be long before real winter sets in. *sigh*


Deneen said...

Just keep your freaking snow up in Canada-DO YOU HEAR ME????

No snow, no snow, no snow, no snow-my mantra for the day.

Andrea said...

I love having someone else from Winnipeg on my blog list.. seeing the photos is sort of surreal lol

There's this guy on youtube who has a cat and always does these amazing domino things is also from Winnipeg. We weren't for sure until he posted a video the day it snowed with his cat playing outside in it! It was like yeah, that's definitely Winnipeg.. hehe