Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I'm *beat*

I *really* need a nap right now. Thankfully class went fairly smoothly this morning, and I made it through the tutoring session fine. Today should be light in the help centre too.

The good news is that I called my allergist, and I'm okay to get the flu shot even with my allergy. (My asthma puts me in a high risk group.) The bad news is that means I get to wait in line for several hours for the shot tonight, instead of going home and getting some sleep. I'm hoping I'll hit a lull, where the university crowd has mostly gone home, and the after-work crowd hasn't started. (Knowing my luck, though, I'll get there right after the after-school crowd hits.)

Hopefully I won't be here until the bitter end (they close at 8 pm), and will still manage to go to bed early tonight. Keep your fingers crossed for me, will you?

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