Sunday, October 11, 2009

Linen Hand Towel


I finished re-knitting my linen hand towel this weekend. I had knit it before (with the pattern from MDK), but a weak point in the yarn broke. Since I didn't like the gauge anyway, I decided to rip and reknit. It sat in a ball for quite a while. These days, I'm so fried that I need simple knitting. Seed stitch is something I can handle. I did manage to put some rectangles at one end, for a tiny bit of decoration.

It's rather nice having my linen hand towel back. Now I have two hand knit hand towels I can switch between. (The other is a linen/cotton blend from KnitPicks.) I will soon have a third, because I bought another ball of linen for when I finished this one. (I look forward to having an unfried brain back.) I wish linen didn't cost $20 per ball.

Speaking of low-brainpower knitting, it seems to be really hard to get cheap glittery yarn for icord. Michaels didn't have anything, and all the sparkly yarn at Dollarama is also furry. I decided to try a red furry yarn from Dollarama for when my skein from Ram Wools runs out. (Ram Wools has some glittery yarn, but the stuff that comes in Christmas colours is full price, and the discounted brands aren't Christmas-y. I don't feel like paying full price for what will become icord tree garlands.)

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