Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Wearing down...

Gah. Today was *frigid*. -24?!?!???? Whatever happened to *spring*? This feels more like *January*. :( (I forgot to wear my long johns to school, but wore them to knitting tonight. Plus my thrummed mittens are back in use...)

Too much to do (both work and fun), and not enough time to do it. Sleep is suffering.

One friend is going through *major* suckage right now. :(

I have a lingering something-or-other which is also wearing me down... making me tired, and I've also been having a bit of a sore throat lately. (I need to stop at Shoppers some time, so that I can get some more dequadin... I've been out for too long now.)

I've been dealing with too many dud students, and not enough bright ones that just need tiny nudges. *sigh*

Blogger is still being stupid... and I've realized that, although I can post here (by my sneaking in), I can't sneak in to my other blogs. This needs to be fixed! (I can probably post via Flickr, but that's annoying... not that I've found time to post to Swatchy's blog lately...)


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Dandy said...

word on the street in town is that Spring is coming sometime in July...


thats like forever!!