Saturday, March 21, 2009


Last night, the CBC evening news mentioned, a free online dating website. I thought I'd give it a try. Of course, writing a profile is always challenging. For those of you who know me, how would you describe me? Would you mind if I quoted you anonymously? (You can respond by e-mail if you prefer.)


Anonymous said...

Descriptive words: Intelligent, educated, artistic, quirky, allergy prone, computer savvy, curvy

Likes: Walking, siteseeing, road trips, painting, drawing, crochet & knit

aniexma said...

Yes, all that and...honest, exuberant and quick to laugh. Be sure to mention the fibre arts thing, you don't want someone with a wool allergy.

noricum said...

*chuckle*... it would be hard to snuggle if my sweater made him itch!

Anonymous: thank you. :)

noricum said...

PS: Anonymous: I'm curious... which of my friends are you? My psychic powers are failing me.

Muriel said...

I don't know you in person so it is hard to say but I would put attractive things first and forget about the other stuff at the beginning.
So I would forget about the allergy.
About quirky I just discover the word and I don't know if is sounds good or not.

I would say something like: intelligent, educated, sweet and kind girl, with artistic tastes and skills is looking for friendship and/or serious relationship.
Something like that, focusing on the good and attractive (for a man) things.
(I would not mention the knitting as it seems to not be a man thing, with very few exceptions).

Allergy or other annoying things don't have a positive effect at first, but can be accepted much more easily later by who has a feeling for you.
I see it in two steps : first seduction and after discover each other better.

Muriel said...

I would look at what the guys say too, to see if there is something that sounds like you, and add it in your profile.

You can add "honest, loyal, faithful, like intelligent chat, and Phd in computer science".

Be careful with free websites, there are all sorts of guy on these, some nice ones, and some who hide they are married, that kind of things.

noricum said...

Muriel: But I am quirky. And my allergies are important. In the past I've had roommates who didn't understand that certain foods could kill me, and cooked with them anyway. I'd really like to avoid that situation ever happening again. If someone can't understand or doesn't believe allergies, I don't want to even consider dating them. If they're 30 and don't understand, there's nothing I can do now to change them.

noricum said...

PS: I do know to be careful. Even on paid sites, or people you meet in person.

Muriel said...

About the allergy, still I wouldn't put that in the add but I would say it very clearly when it is relevant (when the guy wants to buy you nuts or invite your for dinner for example).
I would first let the magic happen.

About "quirky", I am not familiar with that word, so I don't know if it is an attractive word or not.
Anyway people change when they are in love (sometimes).

But anyway you do as you prefer of course.
I guess it is done already ?
Did you put an add ?
I went to the website to see how it looks like, they didn't let me look at the adds without registering myself.
So I did and I canceled afterward.