Monday, March 30, 2009

New Lamp

Shortly after Christmas, I visited Home Depot and converted these parts:
Lamp Parts
into a lamp. (Yes, I even made the cord!) Then I procrastinated a bunch. Tonight I finally hung the lamp up:
Firefly Lamp
It's not exactly what I was going for... it's rather blue, and not very bright. (There's even a shadow on the wall behind it.) I'm not sure if there's a *very* slight flicker, or if it's a bit hard on the eyes for other reasons.

So... should I keep it as is, put in a regular bulb receptacle (and CF light), or take it down and toss the idea? If I do keep it, I'll add something on the wall to hold the cord closer to the wall.

I should probably also replace the screw anchors with the drywall anchor type, but I didn't have a drill bit big enough, and I was a bit concerned as to what type of (I think) insulation came down with the drill bit. The lamp is pretty light, so it should be fine. (I'm also not going to drill bigger holes until I know I'll be leaving it up.)


Nicoya said...

LED christmas lights do flicker, and do have a blue cast to them. You'd probably be much happier with a CF bulb in the fixture.

Muriel said...

The lamp is pretty, with an other bulb it would be great.