Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Quick Update

Monday was spring-like... muddy and rainy. Tuesday I woke up to winter again, as the rain had changed to snow. The sidewalks were very slippery, and judging by the sirens, people were having trouble on the roads too.

I voted Tuesday. (By-election to replace the provincial guy who ran and won a federal position.) I haven't checked yet to see if my guy won, but I suspect he did.

Today was even whiter! The calendar may say spring, but the weather outside says January.

News on the TV says this year's flood is forecast at 1979 levels last I checked. (Thankfully people are more prepared than they were back in 1979.) The ice needs to break up, though, before the floodway gates can be opened. (Right now the ice is sitting on top of a rapidly rising river.)

Monday evening I felt a strange sensation on my foot. I reached down, and discovered a *hole*!!! That makes the third pair of socks I've worn out. However, Monday I also finished a pair of socks for me, so no actual reduction in sock numbers happened. (Muriel: this means I started your socks Monday!)

I finished Cobblestone the other week too.

Either my spring coat shrunk over the winter, or my ass grew. However, the coat is a men's small, and I've had it since high school, so I'm trying to not feel too bad about it. (However, I really do need to work on the size of my ass.)

In other shopping news, I need footwear that can handle ice-lined puddles. Last week I left home with a wallet full of money... and came back the same way. *sigh* I hate shopping.

Life is full, leaving little time for blogging. Perhaps I'll post more soon...


Lucy said...

You scared me for a sec...thought you were going to say you had a hole right in your foot...UGH, that would be gross! Glad it was only your sock.

noricum said...

Sorry about that!

Muriel said...

Exercise is the only thing that keeps me "normal", if I reduce it I become fat (as I am now).
I am planning on doing one hour everyday when I will be back, no matter what happens (biking, pilates, ...).

noricum said...

For some reason, exercise doesn't work for me.