Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sewing Corner & Contest Entry

*squee*! I have my sewing corner set up:
Isn't it adorable? I have a bunch of photos to tell you about the table... if I ever get around to it. ;) I'd like to get a different chair, one that I can cut lower so that I have a little more room between the chair seat and table skirt. This chair is one of my kitchen chairs, so if I cut it lower, then someone would end up feeling rather short the next time I have four people at dinner. ;) I think that dark wood would look nicer with the table too.

To celebrate having a dedicated sewing spot, I steeked a swatch to enter the Stitch-It Podcast "Just Steek It" contest. :)


Steek line marked:

Sewn (I'm using a slippery yarn):

And finally, cut:

Awww... my first steek. ;)


Sara said...

congrats on the new sewing corner. I could barely look at the violent steeking photos. Steeks scare me.

noricum said...

Give it a try on a swatch... even better, a swatch left over from a project you've finished. (That's what mine is.) They're not that bad. ;)

And besides... this contest has, among other things, *Wollmeise* as a prize!